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Candidate Information

Information contained on this page is for general reference purposes only. Information is current at the time of posting and efforts are made to ensure accuracy of information posted here.  All candidates should be advised to reference applicable federal, state and local laws to ensure specific requirements are met.

Statement on Coronavirus and March Candidate Filing.

The 2020 Candidate Filing Period opens noon, March 16, 2020, and closes noon, March 30, 2020.  Any candidate seeking a political party’s nomination for any office in the 2020 General Election must file with the appropriate county board of voter registration & elections or the South Carolina Election Commission during this period.

Click "Filing Fees" below to learn what the filing fees are for each office.

Click "Filing Forms" below to download and complete the Statement of Intention of Candidacy & Party Pledge (SICPP) form.

Click here for a one-page instruction sheet for partisan candidate filing.