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2012 Special Elections

There were three special elections in 2012. Two of those were seperate special elections for Senate Seat 41. The first was in May with a Republican Primary and a General Election to fill the vacant seat. At the time the disctrict was contained completely in Charleston County. The second was in June with a Republican Primary and Runoff with the winner going onto the ballot for the November 6th General Election. By the time the second special election occuirred the 2012 redistricting had modified the district lines and the modified district now includes part of Dorchester County. There was one special election for House Seat 68 with a Republican Primary and a General Election to fill a vacant seat.

Here are the audit files and the Audit Reports for the 2012 Special Elections. The audit file links are to Zip files that contain the six audit files; EL30A, EL45A, EL68A, EL68, EL152 and EL155 that are extracted from the ES&S Election System (Unity) for the audits. The Audit Reprot links are to Adobe PDF files that can be read by the Adobe reader, available for most operating systems. If you need the Adobe Reader it can be obtained here. These reports were generated by the State Election Commission.