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County Ballot Audit Report

The County Ballot Audit Report is the first one executed in the audit process and the first one in the bundle of reports contained in the audit reports PDF file. This fast running audit report will compare ballots cast data in the header of each precinct in the EL30A Detailed Tabulated Report with the number of ballots cast in the EL155 Vote Image Log where it determines the number of ballots cast by counting the number of *'s in column 14 in each precinct. If an exception is detected, it is reported as a non zero value in the Delta column of the report.

In the sample below, all of the delta values are zero for all the precints used on election day. However, this example indicates that the county was unable to provide a complete set of audit data for their virtual precincts. These show up as exceptions. Since these exceptions have positive Deltas, they indicate that there is tabulated ballots for which there are no corresponding audit records. When this occurs, the audit report lists the machines for which it found audit data. This will assist the county in determining which machines are missing audit data by cross checking the precinct's iVotronic preinct tape for the machines that are not on the report. In the event the Delta value is negative, this indicates that there are ballots in the audit data which were not counted in the tabulation process. There are three likely reasons for this occurrance. Either test ballots were included in the audit data, a machine was opened and closed with more than one PEB or a machine was not closed properly when the polling place was closed. The first condition can be detected by inspecting the EL152 file for that machine to see if the ballots were cast during the testing period before the election. The second and third condition can be detected by inspecting the precint Summary iVotronic paper tape.

An audit in which all the Delta values are zero and contains no Auditor's comments is considered to be a clean audit. Each audit contains a cross check between the EL30A Detailed Tabulated Report, the EL155 Vote Image Log and the EL152 iVotronic Events Log. This cross check shows any discrepancy among the ballots cast reported in those files. At the bottom of the report is a how to read this report section to further assist the reader in understanding the report.

It should be noted that the optical scanners do not generate audit data. The paper ballots themselves provide the paper trail. So during the audit process, the auditor is asked to key in the number of optical ballots cast in each virtual precinct. This number is available on the paper report generated by the scanner as the ballots are scanned. If the State Election Commission Staff is performing the audit, either the ballots cast are sent to the SEC by tbe county or the county staff verifies the number of optical ballots against those paper reports when they receive the outcome of the audits.

A note about manual entries; manual entries are available in Unity in case there is no way to electronically load the tabulated values from the iVotronic PEBs or Flash Cards, or there is no way to scan the optical ballots. Use of manual entries is STRONGLY discouraged because there are no cross checks and it is very easy to make a keypunch error. If there is an imbalance at the end of the comparison of a precinct, the audit system checks to see if a manual entry was made for Ballots Cast in that precinct. If so it presents the entry to the auditor to accept or reject. If the auditor accepts the manual entry made by the county election official, it will show up in the Man column. The audit system will not allow the auditor to manually key in a value as a manual entrty.

Sample of a County Ballot Audit Report (Redacted)

County Ballot Audit Report

Prec        Precinct             |----------------EL30A---------------|-------------------Audit------------------|
Nber         Name                | Total       Opt       iVo     Flash|      iVo       Opt       Man     Delta   | Comments
0001      sdklfjaklajf              1065         0      1065         0      1065         0         0         0
0002      gwldjokdj                  870         0       870         0       870         0         0         0
0003      tjwejlaektj                614         0       614         0       614         0         0         0
0004      werkmwlekt d               455         0       455         0       455         0         0         0
0005      wetwetj klt                572         0       572         0       572         0         0         0
0006      wetjekl jw3k               251         0       251         0       251         0         0         0
0007      rwtjklet wlek             1012         0      1012         0      1012         0         0         0
0008      wete lketw                 483         0       483         0       483         0         0         0
0009      wertjwetjwlkej             290         0       290         0       290         0         0         0
0010      weltwelj                   805         0       805         0       805         0         0         0
0011      wtje lket                  424         0       424         0       424         0         0         0
0012      wertlwe l                  595         0         0       595       595         0         0         0
0013      weltjkekl                  544         0       544         0       544         0         0         0
0014      rtjweo                     423         0       423         0       423         0         0         0
Precincts Total:                    8403         0      7808       595      8403         0         0         0

0750      Absentee                  2241       573      1342       326       326       573         0      1342     Missing Audit data
                                                                                                                   Machine - Ballots
                                                                                                                   5121313 - 18
                                                                                                                   5126305 - 105
                                                                                                                   5132752 - 203
0800      Emergency                   72        72         0         0         0        72         0         0
0850      Failsafe                    64         0        64         0         0         0         0        64     Missing Audit data
                                                                                                                   Machine - Ballots
0850      WARNING: No iVo audit data found for this precinct.

0900      Provisional                  0         0         0         0         0         0         0         0
0950      Failsafe Provisional        22        22         0         0         0        22         0         0
Virtual Precincts Total:            2399       667      1406       326       326       667         0      1406

Grand Total:                       10802       667      9214       921      8729       667         0      1406

Total number of iVotronic ballots cast containg no votes: 10

NOTE: Any manual entries shown on this report are supported by the Manual Entry log (EL68).

WARNING: This audit indicates that audit data is missing.
         Auditor's Comments: The county was unable to provide complete audit data for the Absentee iVotronic
                             machines and any audit data for the Failsafe iVotronic machines. There are 1,406
                             audit records missing. 

                             595 ballots in the wertlwe l precinct and 326 ballots in the Absentee precinct were 
                             read from flash cards instead of PEBs. 

EL30A iVo to EL155 to EL152 Cross Check and Cancelled Ballots.

| EL30A Ivo Ballots |    EL155 Ballots | EL152 Ballots |
|             10135 |             8729 |          8729 |
|  Delta from EL30A |             1406 |          1406 |
|                   | Delta from EL155 |             0 |
                    |    Cast By Voter |          8720 | 
                    | Cast By Poll Wkr |             9 | 
                    | Blank Cast by PW |             0 |
                    | Cancelled Ballots|            57 |
                    |     Wrong Ballot |            18 |
                    |    Voter Left AB |             2 | (AB = After ballot selected by poll worker.)
                    |    Voter Left BB |             0 | (BB = Before ballot selected by poll worker.)
                    |    Voter Request |             5 |
                    |  Printer Problem |             2 |
                    | Terminal Problem |            12 |
                    |     Other Reason |            18 |

How to read this report.

This is the ballot level report. It compares the number of ballots cast in the tabulation report,
the EL30A with the number of ballots cast in the audit data. 

The values read from the EL30A report are reported in four categories; Total, Optical (Opt),
iVotronic (iVo) and Flash. None of these values on each line are calculated but parsed from
the actual report. The total lines are the calculated sums of the individual precince line values.

The Opt totals are the total number of ballots cast on paper ballots that were scanned into the optical
scanner and transferred to the tabulation computer via memory stick or ZipDisk (depending on the type
of device, M100 or M650 used to scan the ballots.) Optical totals should exist only in some but not all 
of the Virtual Precincts at the bottom of the table. 

The iVo totals are the results gathered from the PEBs (Personal Electronic Ballot) which are used
to open and close an iVotronic voting machine and, after the polls have closed, gather the ballots
cast for transmission to the tabulation system. 

The Flash totals are the totals that are read from the flash cards in the rare event that the ballots
cannot be copied from the machine to the PEB or from the PEB to the tabulating machine.

The values on the Audit side come from the iVotronic audit data that is read from the flash cards as 
part of the audit process. That process combines the individual machine data into two master audit
files, the EL155 Vote image log and the EL152 iVotronic event log. 
The EL155 contains a record of all the votes cast on a ballot. The vote images indicate the machine
0counting the number of asterisks in a precint we get the number of ballots cast in that precinct. That
number should always match the number in the iVo column on the EL30A side of the report.

Optical ballots do not have electonically readable audit files. So if the audit data iVotronic total
does not match the EL30A Total value, the auditor is prompted to read the paper report from the optical
scanner and enter the total ballots cast into the auditing program.

If the sum of the audit iVotronic and Optical ballots cast still do not match the EL30A total value, then
the audit software reads the EL68 Manual Entry log for any changes made in that precinct to either the iVo
or Opt totals by the CEC staff. It displays any manual entries to the auditor for inclusion into the totals.
If accepted by the auditor these entries are automatically added to the Man column from the Manual Entry log. 

Finally, the audit software calculates the Delta value which should be zero unless the sum of the iVo, 
the Opt and the Man do not match the EL30A Total column. If the Delta is greater than zero then audit data
is missing. A comment will be placed on that line in the report indicating missing audit data. If the Delta
value is less than zero then there are more ballots in the audit data than there are in the tabulated data 
and a comment will be placed on that line in the report. 

Wherever possible, the audit system will attempt to indicate where the difference is by displaying the 
iVotronic machine numbers and the number of ballots cast on that machine that exist in the audit data.
In the case of missing tabulated data, it might be possible to identify a machine that has the same number
of ballots cast as the delta value and that number and ballot count will be highlited with a < sign.
If there is a non zero Delta value there will be an entry by the auditor explaining the variance. 

Finally, there is a EL30A iVo to EL155 to EL152 Cross Check and Cancelled Ballots table in the report
This table should indicate that the nubmer ballots cast in the EL30A match the numbers in the EL155 and 
the EL152 report. Then there are some statistics pulled from the EL152 repor that indicate how many
ballots were cast by the voter and the number cast by the poll worker. Lastly the number of ballots that
were cancelled and the reason they were cancelled. It should be noted that the reason cancelled is chosen
from a pull down menu presented to the poll worker when a ballot is cancelled, there is no way to
validate the poll worker's choice.

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