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County EL30A45A Compare Report

County EL30A45A Compare Report is a cross check between the EL30A and the EL45A to assure that the totals on the EL45A Summary Tabulated Report match the sums of the totals for each precinct in the EL30A: Detailed Tabulated Report.

In this report the Delta values should always be zero.

Sample of a EL30A45A Compare Report

Horry EL30A45A Comparison Report

Office                                     Candidate                Party |    Tot     Opt     iVo   Flash |   Tot     Opt     iVo   Flash   Delta |

U.S. House of Rep. Dist. 7                 Andre Bauer                        7293     156    7132       5    7293     156    7132       5       0
U.S. House of Rep. Dist. 7                 Tom Rice                           9320     195    9123       2    9320     195    9123       2       0
U.S. House of Rep. Dist. 7                 Preston Brittain                   1377      28    1348       1    1377      28    1348       1       0
U.S. House of Rep. Dist. 7                 Gloria Bromell Tinubu              4342     101    4241       0    4342     101    4241       0       0


How to read this report.

This is EL30A EL45A Crosscheck Report. It sums each candidates vote totals in each precinct in
the EL30A Precinct Detail Report and compares it to the EL45A Election Summary Report that 
contains the tabulated total for each candidate in the county.

The values read from the EL30A report are reported in four categories; Total, Optical (Opt),
iVotronic (iVo) and Flash. None of these values on each line are calculated but parsed from
the actual report. The total lines are the calculated sums of the individual precince line values.

The Opt totals are the total number of votes cast on paper ballots that were scanned into the optical
scanner and transferred to the tabulation computer via memory stick or ZipDisk (depending on the type
of device, M100 or M650 used to scan the ballots.) Optical totals should exist only in some but not all 
of the Virtual Precincts at the bottom of the table. 

The iVo totals are the results gathered from the PEBs (Personal Electronic Ballot) which are used
to open and close an iVotronic voting machine and, after the polls have closed, gather the ballots
cast for transmission to the tabulation system. 

The Flash totals are the totals that are read from the flash cards in the rare event that the ballots
cannot be copied from the machine to the PEB or from the PEB to the tabulating machine.

The values read from the EL45A report are reported in same four categories; Total, Optical (Opt),
iVotronic (iVo) and Flash as the EL30A. Like the EL30A they are parsed from the actual EL45A report.
The summary candidate totals are compared against the calculated sums for each candidate from, the EL30A 
report. Each of the values in each line on the EL30A side must match the same value on the EL45A side
and the Delta value must be zero.


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