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PEB Used Report

The PEB Use Report lists all the Personal Electonic Ballot (PEB) devices used to open and close iVotronic voting machines in each precinct in the county. If more than one PEB is used to open and close machines in a precinct, then it is possible that the votes on one or more machines may not have been collected in that precinct.

In the example below, only one PEB was used to open and close the machines in each precinct. That PEB number is listed. In the event more than one was used, then the numbers for the other PEBs will also be listed. When this happens, the county election official must determine if more than one PEB was used to close the iVotronic voting machines. If this is the case, then the ballots must be collected from the second PEB and added to the ballots already collected in Unity. When an auditor sees that more than one are used, they know that they must double check the precinct iVotronic tapes and the list of machines assigned to that precinct to make sure that all the machines used were included in the precinct totals. This report will not indicate that this has happened becasue the collection of the votes occurred from the second PEB after the audit data was collected.

Sample of PEB Use Report

Greenville PEB Use Report

Precinct                      PEBs Used			Comments

ALTAMONT FOREST               138687	
CLEAR CREEK                   151677	
DARBY RIDGE                   139976	
EBENEZER                      138738	
FURMAN                        137736	
JENNINGS MILL                 137638	
MARIDELL                      137358	
MOUNTAIN VIEW                 150665	
SANDY FLAT                    154578	
SLATER MARIETTA               119948	
SULPHUR SPRINGS               137736	
TIGERVILLE                    138519	
TUBBS MOUNTAIN                138687	
TRAVELERS REST 1              155743	
TRAVELERS REST 2              136887	
ABSENTEE                      155471	

16 precincts processed

How to read this report.

This is the PEB Used report. It lists the precints found in the Audit data and lists all
the PEBs that were used by the poll workers to open and close the iVotronic machines in that.

If more than one PEB is used to open and close all the iVotronic machines in a precinct,
then the County Election Commission must read ALL the PEBs used in that precinct to 
assure that they have collected all the ballots from that precinct. A county whose report shows
a precinct that has machines open or closed by more than one PEB should double check the Ballot
Audit Report against the iVotronic paper tapes and the Poll Book to make sure that all the 
ballots have been collected and tabulated.                                                                                       

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