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I have moved to South Carolina after the 30 day voter registration deadline, can I still vote?

Federal legislation 1965 Voting Rights Act, as amended, section 42 USCA 1973aa-1 permits a voter who moves to a new state within 30 days prior to the Presidential election (and who may therefore fail to qualify for voter registration in their new state) to vote for President and Vice President only in their state of former residence. In South Carolina, this means a registered voter of another state who has moved to SC after the registration deadline may vote in their former state for President and Vice President only. That voter should contact their former voting office to request a ballot. If a registered voter of a South Carolina county moves to another state within 30 days (or after that state’s registration cut-off), this voter may contact their former county office and request an absentee ballot for President and Vice-President only. The voter would go through the normal absentee voting procedures, either by mail or in person. The former county is responsible for furnishing this voter a ballot for President/Vice President. A voter who has moved to another state within this deadline also has the option of returning to their former precinct and voting in person at the polls for President and Vice President only. This will probably require the voter to cast a provisional ballot.