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Write-in Votes

Write-in votes are NOT allowed in political party primaries or for President and Vice-president.  Ballots in all other elections and for all other offices feature a write-in space at the end of the list of candidates.

Casting a write-in vote on a touchscreen voting machine:

A candidate's name may be written in by touching the "write-in" space under the appropriate office.  When the "write-in" space is touched, a "write-in" screen appears featuring a touchscreen keyboard.  The voter types the name of the candidate using the keyboard and presses "accept" when finished.  When accept is touched, the screen returns to the ballot, and the candidate's name that was entered will appear under the appropriate office.

Casting a write-in vote on a paper ballot:

A candidate's name may be hand-written in the space provided under the appropriate office.  Voters may use a pen or pencil.  The use of stickers or stamps to place a candidate's name on a ballot is not permitted.  The candidate's name must be hand-written by the voter or person providing authorized assistance.  After the voter writes the candidate's name in the space provided, the voter must also darken the oval next to the write-in line.