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2020 Statewide Primaries Polling Place Relocations

Due to COVID-19, a number of polling places have been relocated or consolidated with other polling places for the June 9 and June 23 Statewide Primaries and Runoffs.

Click below to download the list of polling places that have moved for the Statewide Primaries and Runoffs.  If your county and precinct are not included in this list, you will vote at your normal location.  If you don't know your precinct name , check the "Regular Location (Moved From)" column to find your regular polling place then look in the "Location for 6/9/2020 Primaries (Moved To)" column to find where you vote today.

List of polling places moves for June Primaries and Runoffs

Click here for a complete list of precincts and polling places throughout the state.

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