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A Special Message To Greenville County Voters

Columbia, SC: Greenville County voters have expressed concern regarding recent news of changes in polling places. State law requires that when a voter is moved to a different polling place, they are to be sent a new voter registration card stating this information. As of yet, many of the affected voters have not received their new voter registration card stating where they will vote on Election Day. According to the Greenville County Voter Registration office, new voter registration cards are being mailed this week and voters should begin receiving them soon.

To help voters sort out any confusion on Election Day, the Greenville County Voter Registration office will provide each precinct with a list of all registered voters in Greenville County and the location where they will vote. Voters going to the incorrect precinct will be directed to their new polling location. There will also be signs at the polling places advising voters of their new polling location. All voters are encouraged to verify their voting information on-line.

The most affected precincts are Pliney which has now been split into seven additional precincts and Hopewell which has been split into eight additional precincts. Although the changes are countywide, the changes in the number of additional precincts are a result of increased growth in Greenville County. Many of the precincts had over 6,000 voters and state law only allows no more than 1500 registered voters to vote at one precinct.

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