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Cyber Navigator Boot Camp Big Success

South Carolina Cybersecurity Efforts Shine

Charlottesville, Virginia, May 25th: Matt Norris, the Cybersecurity Analyst for South Carolina’s Election Commission was a key speaker at the 2023 Cyber Navigator Boot Camp. Norris spoke to thirty-nine interns, nineteen Virginia locality election directors, IT professionals and public officials on Election Software Security and Compliance and Physical Assessments.

Norris spoke on the necessity to provide simple, easy processes for South Carolina counties to respond to security surveys. South Carolina’s programs start with simplifying the security language and requirements so county election offices understand the security standards and controls. Norris works with the Department of Homeland Security and has visited every county election office to evaluate the physical assessments as part of the security priority of the South Carolina Election Commission.

The thirty-nine interns at the Boot Camp are primarily cybersecurity majors who completed an Election Security course developed by six universities of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The event was on the University of Virginia campus in the historical Thomas Jefferson Rotunda. This is the second year of the program funded by a grant from the National Centers for Academic Excellence.

Norris was joined by cybersecurity speakers from CISA, DHS, CIS, Virginia Department of Elections, Virginia Fusion Center, Virginia Election Directors, MetaCF, University of Virginia, Soch and the Elections Group. The Boot Camp was a big success in preparing the interns for the 10-week internships.

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