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Hand-Count Audit Notice for State House 109

January 30, 2024

On January 30, 2024, one state-level election was held: House District 109 Special Primary. This election impacted voters in 11 Charleston County precincts and 7 Dorchester County precincts. There was only one early voting center in each county, each of which must be audited. Additionally, three precincts in each county were randomly selected for a hand-count audit. The early voting centers and precincts to audit are as follows:

CountyEarly Voting Center
CharlestonCharleston County Board of Voter Registration and Elections
DorchesterChrist Community Lutheran Church
CountyPrecinctPolling Location
CharlestonNorth Charleston 23Hunley Park Elem School
CharlestonNorth Charleston 21Lambs Elementary School
CharlestonNorth Charleston 22Lambs Elementary School
DorchesterAshley RiverRiver Oaks Middle School
DorchesterWindsorWindsor Hill Elementary School
DorchesterPatriotDorchester County Library - NCB

For the date and time of these audits, please contact the respective county’s voter registration and elections office.

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