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National Voter Registration Day is September 22

National Voter Registration Day 2015

National Voter Registration Day 2015

Register Online at

COLUMBIA, S.C. (September 18, 2015) - The South Carolina State Election Commission, along with Americans across the nation, will be celebrating National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) on Tuesday, September 22, 2015.  This is a nationwide effort to register voters before upcoming elections in November.  Celebrate democracy in America by encouraging individuals to exercise one of our most basic rights:  the right to vote!

The State Election Commission encourages all South Carolinians to exercise that right in all elections, including the more than 150 elections being held throughout the state on November 3.  The first step to doing that is registering to vote.  


There's an election happening nearly every Tuesday somewhere in the state.  To find out if you are having an election on November 3 or any other date, check out the list of upcoming elections by clicking this link.

In South Carolina, voter registration has never been easier:

  • Register online at (requires SC Driver's License or DMV ID Card)
  • Register at your county voter registration and elections office
  • Download a voter registration form from . Complete and return it to your county voter registration and elections office:
    • By mail (postmarked by October 3)
    • By fax (received by October 3)
    • By email attachment (received by October 3)
  • If you have moved, make sure you are ready to vote by updating your registration.
  • If you have moved from one county to another, you must register in your new county by October 3 to be eligible to vote.
  • If you've moved within your county or changed your name recently, it will help ensure a smoother voting process for you - and your neighbors - by updating your information prior to November 3.

For more information on voter registration and elections, visit  For more information on NVRD, please visit

Please promote NVRD this year by using #CelebrateNVRD and #NVRM2015 on your social media accounts.  @CelebrateNVRD is the official twitter handle of National Voter Registration Day.

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