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National Voter Registration Mailing Confuses Voters


Columbia, SC (November 8, 2007) - A mass mailing from a private, national group, delivered this week to mailboxes across South Carolina, is causing some confusion with those who receive it.

The mailing is from the "Voter Participation Center" in Boston, MA, and is sent in care of "Women's Voices. Women Vote." The mailing reads in bold print, "Voter registration laws require you to submit the attached application," and "To comply with legal requirements, please return the enclosed application." The mailing includes a generic, national voter registration form and a postage-paid return envelope addressed to the State Election Commission.

While it seems that the purpose of the mailing is to urge recepients to register to vote before upcoming deadlines, the above statements are very misleading and have confused some voters.

Here are the facts:

If you are already registered to vote, and the information on your voter registration card is still accurate; you are not required to do anything.

If you are not registered to vote, or you have moved from one county to another; you must register to vote in your county at least 31 days prior to any election in which you wish to participate.

If you are registered and still reside in the county in which you are registered, but your name, address, or other information on your voter registration card is no longer accurate; you need to update your information with your county voter registration office.

To register to vote see:

To update your VR information see:

Upcoming Voter Registration Deadlines:

You must be registered by... To participate in the...
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