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New Candidate Filing Rules

Recent changes in state law have resulted in two major changes to the way candidates file for office.

1. Candidates for partisan office now file with election commission.

All candidates for partisan federal, state, and county-level offices now file with either the State or county election commission. This change in state law has no effect on the location of filing for nonpartisan offices, such as most school boards and municipal offices.

Click here for a one-page instruction sheet for partisan candidate filing.

Click here to download the new Statement of Intention of Candidacy/Party Pledge form.

 2. Candidates no longer need to provide a Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) at the time of filing.

Candidates are still required to file an SEI online with the State Ethics Commission; however, candidates are no longer required to present a copy of the SEI at the time of filing.  The filing of the SEI has no bearing on a candidates ballot access.  If a candidate fails to properly file an SEI (or campaign disclosure), the candidate may be fined by the State Ethics Commission but may not be denied ballot access.  This change applies to all candidates in all elections.

Click here for more information on candidate filing.

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