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SEC Certifies Successful 2022 General Election

COLUMBIA, S.C. (November 17, 2022) – The South Carolina State Election Commission met today and certified the results of the 2022 General Election.  The election ran smoothly, with more than 1.7 million voters making their voices heard through the ballot box. The success of the election is a testament to the hard work of the poll managers, election officials, and voters.

“We were excited to see the early voting process in action for the first time in a general election,” said Howard Knapp, executive director of the State Election Commission. “I want to recognize every county election official and poll manager for their hard work and dedication to the democratic process.  I was happy to see the public’s focus was not centered around the election process but the results – the voters’ decisions on the candidates and issues.”

As a result of legislation passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor in May of this year, South Carolinians were able to cast their ballots beginning two weeks before Election Day for the first time in a general election. The number of early voters reduced lines at polling places resulting in a more positive experience for voters on election day.  Additional security measures were also part of the comprehensive legislation further ensuring the integrity of the election

The 2022 General Election by the Numbers

Early Voting Turnout – 562,000 (33%)

Absentee Turnout – 58,000 (3%)

Election Day Turnout – 1,099,000 (64%)

Total Voter Turnout – 1,719,000

Turnout of Active Registered Voters – 51%

The SEC is already planning for the next election cycle and continues to encourage citizens to help prepare by registering to vote and updating their registration. 

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