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SEC Sends Notice to Inactive Voters

COLUMBIA, S.C. (May 6, 2009) - In an ongoing effort to maintain the integrity of South Carolina's statewide voter registration list, the State Election Commission this week is sending notice to more than 120,000 inactive voters throughout the state.  The purpose of the postcard is to reach out to voters who haven't voted in the past four years to determine if they still reside at the address where registered. 

The vast majority of South Carolina's 2.6 million voters will be unaffected by the mailing.  Anyone who has voted in an election since November 2004 or registered to vote during that time will not receive the notice.  Anyone who has not voted since November 2004, about five percent of the state's registered voters, will receive the notice.

The SEC asks card recipients to respond by checking one of three boxes:

  • Please leave my name on the voter list
  • I moved and wish to have my name removed from the voter list in South Carolina
  • My address has changed (voters checking this box are asked to provide their new address)

Voters should sign, date and return the pre-addressed, postage-paid postcard within 90 days.  Voters who fail to return the postcard, and who do not vote in an election in the next four years, will be removed from the state's list of active, registered voters.  Even after being removed, voters who are still eligible will be permitted to vote.

Confirmation card mailings are conducted periodically and in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

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