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Statement Regarding June 22 Primary Runoffs

Since introducing a uniform electronic voting system in South Carolina in 2004, the South Carolina State Election Commission has worked tirelessly to build and maintain voter confidence in the integrity of the South Carolina voting process. We have worked to ensure that voters know how to use the new electronic voting equipment and understand their voting rights; and have continued to encourage greater voter participation.

As we prepare for the June 22 Primary Runoffs, we want voters to know that we are confident in the integrity of our state's voting system and that security of South Carolina's voting process has always been - and will always be - a primary focus of the State Election Commission.  Our state has a proud history of safe, secure and accurate elections and South Carolinians can be assured and confident in the system's ability to perform in the Runoff as it has thousands of times before - accurately and reliably.

In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to protect the accuracy, integrity and confidence in our state's voter registration and election process so that voters can be assured that every vote matters and every vote counts in South Carolina.

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