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Voter Registration Confirmation Mailing Underway

Approximately 400,000 voter registration confirmation postcards have been sent to those voters whose voter registrations appear to have become inactive. Any registered voter who has not voted in any election since the November 2002 General Election has been sent one of these confirmation postcards. The purpose of the mailing is to help maintain the state voter registration list by keeping it accurate and up-to-date. This confirmation mailing is required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

Those voters who receive the postcard should respond using the postage paid postcard included in the mailing. The voter may choose three responses:

  1. Please leave my name on the voter list.
  2. I moved and wish to have my name removed from the voter list in South Carolina.
  3. My address has changed (in which case you complete the section for your new address).

If you do not respond to this mailing, your name will continue to appear on the voter registration list at your polling place on election day, but will be marked inactive. You will be allowed to vote, but may be required to show some additional proof of your residency. If you do not respond and do not vote within the next four years, your name will be removed from the list.

If you receive a postcard addressed to a person who no longer resides at that address; mark the envelope as "return to sender" and put it back in the mail.

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